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A Girl and a Gun Title Sequence

30 Oct 2015

FlyFaction created this title sequence for Director David Hughes’s noir independent British short film ‘A Girl and A Gun’. Starring Ian Hart, Paul Freeman and Anna Walton.

Welcome to Southend – the Las Vegas of the Third World. Instead of high-end casinos, there are run-down arcades. Instead of luxury hotels, there are grotty bed and breakfasts. And instead of top dog Mobsters, there are small time hoods like Johnny. Johnny’s boss is “Shrewd” Eddie. Eddie runs Southend. He gets ten percent of all the action that happens there. He also gets all the best women, like Lucille. But in this world, everyone has a boss – even Eddie. His is London Kingpin Tommy Jasons. This weekend Tommy is coming down to check up on Eddie, and Eddie’s not looking forward to the visit…

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