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Rock and Roll Fuck ‘n’ Lovely Teaser Trailer

01 Nov 2015

The Brief was: ‘Watch the film and make us a trailer.” Ok then..

Cut using FCP with additional bits of After Effects.

Available now on iTunes:

‘A twisted and sometimes surreal tale, following the rock band The Fuckin Lovelies through drugs, drinking, music and finally a mythical music festival. The making of the film required the forming of a real band, which then went on to score the film; and indeed the film begins like a fly on the wall of the music scene. Then it takes off onto the road with the band, only to make an abrupt and shocking u-turn, ending in a brutal bloodbath. While dark, it has some classic moments, great characters and truly frightening scenes. Part road movie, part rock ‘n’ roll drama, part comedy, part horror, the film is a trip in itself.’ – CFF

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