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Short Film: Ten Doors Closing

01 Nov 2015
: Script, Direction, Filming, editing, motion graphics, animation
In Arty

Poetry driven love story set on the London underground.

This was my first ever foray in to film and the initial project which brought together the members of flyfaction. The poem was one I wrote myself and looking back I suppose it could have been better, there’s one or two lines that make me wince slightly now. Any way here it is in all it’s imperfect glory..

It has been shown at Raindance East, Supershorts and was winner of the International Festival of Cinema and Technology (IFCT) Best Short Short.

Shot on Super 16mm film at Leicester Sq and Waterloo stations over 1 looong night.

See if you can’t spot Daniel Day Lewis method acting his arse off as the mouse at 2.12… He does a good job doesn’t he?

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